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For Wrinkle-Free Skin

Capsule based, innovative skin-firming formula, that reduces wrinkles from the first use. Enriched with actives like Hyaluronic Acid & RonaFlair & Gatuline, LIFT fills up the fine lines on skin that delivers super hydrated & wrinkle-free look.  



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Hyaluronic Acid

Found naturally in skin, Hyaluronic Acid holds up to a thousand times its weight in water to retain skin moisture.  Adding Hyaluronic Acid in skin care helps production of collagen and its ability to hold water makes Hyaluronic Acid one of the best naturally occurring humectants.


RonaFlair fill wrinkles & diffuse light to create an even surface distribution. On topical application, skin looks visibly smoother with less wrinkles.


This is an oily concentration of the African Spilanthes Acmella flower that targets saggy skin & deep wrinkles. Gatuline stimulates fibroblast biochemical functions to help re-organize skin structure & make it smooth from within.

     Wrinkle reduction

     Elevated elasticity

     Visibly smooth skin

     Twist or snip off the capsule's neck to open

     Gently pat the gel onto cleansed skin

     For effective results, use one capsule a day - morning or night, for the first two weeks of the month & later use it once every second day

RonaFlair is a tool for flawless looking skin. The sophisticated technology fills in the wrinkles & delivers smooth & supple skin in no time.

Gatuline stimulates protein synthesis, shields skin from oxidative stress, reduces UV damage by 54% and prevents skin peroxide formation.