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10-minute Mask for Smooth Skin

Formulated with the innovative PhytoCelltecTM technology, RENEW aids in achieving a younger and healthier look. MatrixylTM 3000 & RenovageTM present in this powerful mask fight against the signs of aging & delivers a visibly refreshed skin.



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PhytoCelltec (Plant Stem cells in Cosmetics)

Plant Stem Cells play a pivotal role in visibly repairing & rejuvenating skin. PhytoCelltec is a patented procedure for extracting apple plant stem cells that delivers anti-aging solutions, defends against free radicals & promotes skin rejuvenation.


Renovage is cropping up more into recent skincare solutions, because of its fourth-dimension skin rejuvenation capabilities. This patented super ingredient is proved to repair lost skin elasticity & firmness. Also, using Renovage in skin care reduces pigmented spots, improves skin’s firmness & tone.


Matrixyl is a synthetic peptide used in skin care to stimulate the production of collagen, which delays aging. Matrixyl help restore and maintain skin’s youthful appearance. Many studies have proven anti-aging & anti-wrinkle efficacy of Matrixyl.

     Promotes younger & radiant looking skin

     Leaves skin refreshed, smoothed and nourished

     Fights against skin sagging & makes skin firmer

     Use the mask twice a week

     apply a thin layer of mask over a clean face, avoiding around the eyes

     Leave it on for 5 minutes

     Wash the mask & apply REVIVE for long-term benefit

Plant stem cells are responsible for many positive cosmetic effects like extending the life of fibroblasts and stimulating their activity, increasing the flexibility of the epidermis, regulating cell division, rebuilding damaged epidermis, activating DNA repair of the cells, protecting them from oxidative stress, protecting against UV radiation. Research reveals that using Plant Stem Cells topically, reduced wrinkles around the eyes by 8% after two weeks, and 15% after four weeks.

Renovage Fights against all signs of aging, dehydrated skin, age spots, wrinkles and pores. Efficacy on functional signs of aging revealed that skin moisturization is increased by 30% and sun spots caused by UV rays reduced by 42%.