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Healthy Skin Begins With Knowledge

Your skin is unique & requires customized care. With Skin Alchemy, you will receive personalized assessment that gives you the insight into your skin’s unique needs and will enable you to make effective & smarter decisions when it comes to your skin care.

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Unparalleled AI Powered Skin Analysis

From accurate detection of skin dehyrdration, wrinkles and dark circles to the intelligent analysis of intensity of the concern to personalized recommendations that best suits your skincare routine, Skin Alchemy is your in-hand digital derma consultant.

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Wrinkle Detection

Highly accurate wrinkle detection is the cutting edge in the fight against anti-aging. Facial tracking & precise face detection enables to highlight the finest lines and wrinkles even before they are visible.

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Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Detailed skin texture analysis powered by deep learning and AI algorithms picks up on all aspects of skin health. Highly accurate measurements allow for in-depth analysis helping provide directions for the best skincare routine


How Our AI-powered Analysis Work

It’s as easy as taking a selfie. Our diagnostic tool uses machine learning to analyze your skin and help you understand the intensity of the skin concerns & suggests products with active ingredients that are right for you.

Personal Recommendations

Personalized Recommendations

Once you receive your skin assessment, we’ll recommend products that target your most prominent skin concerns, along with steps to complete your regimen.

We'll help you find the right solution to your skin's unique needs.